About Joan Weisman

Joan Weisman has strong research skills, SEO knowledge, and a passion for staying current.

Joan distills your unique advantages into engaging content. She stays true to your brand and target audience.

Get content that creates an emotional connection to build online relationships and develop loyal customers.

A Writer with Business Experience

With eighteen years as an independent real estate broker, Joan Weisman understands many of the challenges entrepreneurs and small businesses face. Although seeing homes and helping people was terrific, Joan found sales exhausting.

Joan enjoyed building websites and writing ads for her business, helped by a psychology degree and marketing background. Eventually, she decided to do the work she enjoyed.

Joan is always learning and researching. When she sold real estate, she took several classes a year in sales, marketing, communication, and personal development. As a content writer and copywriter, she gets paid to do what comes naturally.

Topics and Expertise


Toastmasters International, DTM, 2019
Spiritual Arts Institute, Associate Teacher Metaphysics, 2011 – 2015
Corelight, Leslie Temple-Thurston, Enhanced Self-Discovery Program, 2004 – 2018
NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Pure NLP,  2001 – 2004
NLP Practitioner & CORE Transformation, NLP LA, 1998 – 2001
Yoga Teacher Training, Sacred Movement Venice, 1998 – 2000


Yale University, B.A. Psychology with Distinction, 1995

Meeting NLP's Dr. Richard Bandler

In early 2001, on one of my first trips to study NLP with Dr. Richard Bandler, I was encouraged by a friend to “go up and ask him for a specific result you want from the workshop.”

After some time reflecting an idea popped in. I approached Dr. Bandler during a break. I was nervous. He looked at me, sideways. “What do you want,” he said.

Feeling my life was controlled by others I responded: “I want to be my own authority!”

His face immediately changed as he turned towards me. “Good one.” He said, and began.

He started talking. To be honest, I do not remember a word he said.

We were facing each other in front of the large conference room with people wandering around on break, but all of that disappeared.

What I do remember, is a vivid mental image of myself in a small, white room with the walls covered in photographs. Each picture was a person or institution that my subconscious believed had authority over who I could or should be. For me, the photos were stacked floor to ceiling and the oppression was overwhelming.

I remember describing to him what I was seeing.

Then, I heard Dr. Bandler’s voice and in a fierce instant a bright orange-red flame rose up and engulfed all the photographs. It was a pure, cleansing fire. The imaginary room burned into ash and dropped away. As it did I felt relief sweep through me – from my mind down into every cell of my body.