About Joan Weisman

Hi! I'm Joan Weisman.

I’m a freelance copywriter and marketer based near Seattle, Washington.
I can fulfill your copywriting and marketing needs. Currently, I focus on three services:
(1) Marketing strategy
(2) Creating or refreshing marketing materials (online or offline)
(3) Executing marketing campaigns
In addition, here are nine things to know about me:

1. My first marketing job was in the late 1990s. 

I was hired as a media buyer and marketing manager for a national company. I loved the work, and they promoted me from assistant to manager quickly. I built and managed an ad tracking system that improved the company’s revenue by $17K a month in the first three months.

2. I’ve personally written over 800 pieces of marketing content.

Since returning to the marketing world as a digital marketer and content strategist in 2017, I’ve written website copy, social media ads and posts, online and offline marketing materials, white papers, research articles, PR articles, blogs, training guides for businesses, and video scripts. 
I’ve created content covering online marketing, diet, exercise, massage, SEO, onboarding new employees, customer retention, real estate, 1031 exchanges, business credit and financing, entrepreneurship, baking, crafts, disaster recovery, importing, ax throwing, professional cleaning services, housing foundations and soil types, virtual phone systems, text marketing, leadership styles, and more.


3. I enjoy the technical and analytic side as much as the creative.


Something I like about marketing is the variety of tasks involved. I enjoy brainstorming and creating for a variety of platforms, as well as testing and tracking results.

4. I’m a quiet environmentalist.

There is an opportunity right now for companies promoting environmentally-friendly products and services to make real traction. From alternative energy to biodegradable packaging, what is alternative now can be mainstream in a couple of decades. I quietly do my part through my consumer choices and always strive to do better. It’s good for us and the world.

5. I love promoting passion-based businesses.

It’s fun to connect with people living their passion and have the privilege of writing their stories. I enjoy being part of a business’ growth.

6. I can be empathetic or investigative. 

I tend towards empathy in my writing and naturally want to appeal to the emotions in people, but I am equally capable of fact and researched-based content.

7. Creating engaging communities inspires me.

I have two of my own communities on Facebook. One on natural health and healing, and another dedicated to wise and inspirational sayings.

8. My sales experience comes in handy.

In sales, you have to dig past the surface to a person’s real needs and wants. I use those skills both in interviewing for marketing and in researching a business’s target market.

9. My satisfaction is your success.

Having run real estate and freelance businesses, I understand the grit and passion required to build a company. I am dedicated to supporting your success.
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Yale University, B.A. Psychology with Distinction, 1995


Toastmasters International, DTM, 2019