About Joan Weisman

Hi! I'm Joan Weisman.

I’m a freelance copywriter and content strategist based near Seattle, Washington.
I can fulfill most of your digital and content marketing needs. Currently, I focus on three services:
(1) Digital and social media marketing strategy
(2) Creating or refreshing marketing materials (online or offline)
(3) Building online communities
In addition, here are nine things to know about me:
1. My first marketing job was in the late 1990s. 
I was hired as an ad buyer and marketing manager for a national company. I loved the work, and they promoted me from assistant to manager quickly. When I built and managed an ad tracking system that improved the company’s revenue by nearly 100K a month, my reward was a $7 a week pay increase. I decided to go into sales, with a more direct relationship between effort and reward. However, my love of marketing remained, and I created flyers, WordPress websites, and promotional materials for my sales business.
2. I’ve personally written over 800 pieces of marketing content.
Since returning to the marketing world as a digital marketer and content strategist in 2017, I’ve written website copy, social media ads and posts, online and offline marketing materials, white papers, PR articles, blogs, training guides, and video scripts. 
I’ve created content covering online marketing, diet, exercise, massage, SEO, onboarding new employees, customer retention, real estate, 1031 exchanges, business credit and financing, entrepreneurship, baking, crafts, disaster recovery, importing, ax throwing, professional cleaning services, housing foundations and soil types, virtual phone systems, text marketing, leadership styles, and more.


3. I enjoy the technical and analytic side as much as the creative.


The best part of digital marketing is the variety of tasks involved. I enjoy brainstorming and creating, going through the testing, and into the tracking phase when the cycle begins again.
4. I’m passionate about the environment.


There is an opportunity right now for companies promoting environmentally-friendly products and services to make real traction. From solar to non-toxic solutions, what is alternative now can be mainstream in a couple of decades. It’s good for the world and the people involved.


5. I love promoting healers.
I grew up learning about the importance of diet and natural healing. My dad was a Chiropractor before anyone knew what that meant. With the help of acupuncturists, craniosacral therapists, chiropractors, and yoga teachers, I’ve healed without medication from sciatica, neck pain, and a dislocated fibula bone. 
When I hear of someone getting surgery, I always wish they knew to try alternative methods first. The body can often heal itself. Simple lifestyle changes may save someone from years of pain. When I am promoting a healer and helping them reach their audience, I know I am positively impacting the world.
6. I also love promoting metaphysical teachers. 
I started meditating at age 9 when my parents began attending an ashram in Oakland, CA. Though I thought they were weird, I had a few powerful experiences there. That opened up a lifelong quest to answer spiritual questions through experience. 
7. Creating communities inspires me.
I have two of my own communities on Facebook. One on natural health and healing, and another dedicated to wise and inspirational sayings.
8. My sales experience comes in handy.
In sales, you have to dig past the surface to a person’s real needs and wants. I use those skills both in interviewing for marketing and in researching a business’s target market.
9. My satisfaction is your success.
Having run real estate and freelance businesses, I understand the grit and passion required to build a company. I love supporting your success.
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Yale University, B.A. Psychology with Distinction, 1995


Toastmasters International, DTM, 2019